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Great evening at the AGM!

On the evening of Wednesday 28th June 2023, we were thrilled to have so many attend the AGM including the Lord Mayor, Mark Shayer.

We had Dave Vear and Vince Burke from the Board of Directors talk and they gave a lot of praise to all the hard working staff and volunteers at Four Greens. Without the staff and volunteers, Dave and Vince explained that Four Greens wouldn't have been so successful in helping people of the Plymouth Community and providing so much food to the tables of struggling families.

Vince Burke, Vice Chairman
Dave Vear, Chairman

Some of the Community Builders attended and although they didn't start very long ago, they have made huge strides to create positive impacts to various areas of Plymouth and bringing the communities together with events.

Planting growbags in Stonehouse with Community Builder, Gin Farrow Jones
Estover and Efford Community Builder, Emily Richards

We also had local people from the community that regularly visit our Wellbeing Hub and said they were incredibly grateful for all our help and wouldn't be in the better position that they are in without help from Four Greens. Thank you to everyone that attended.

Two Whitleigh locals telling the CEO of FGCT, Mark Rowles how grateful they are.


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