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Community Builders

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Melanie Rawles
Community Development Manager
07930 881 739

Mel has worked in libraries for the past 13 years, promoting services, resources and activities in free, safe, warm and trusted spaces. She has managed volunteers and work clubs and in 2020 formed the Plymouth Digital Inclusion Network, bringing together more than 40 organisations to help give people in need access to devices, skills training and connectivity. She is looking forward to using this experience as a starting point to help improve and increase community togetherness, strength and mutual support.

Interests: reading, going to music and comedy gigs, meeting up with friends.

Natalie Harrison
Honicknowle Community Builder
07496 474266

Natalie has been involved in community work for 30 years. Having spent 7 years as a family support worker Natalie is always keen to involve others and build partnerships to make a difference to communities. She also has experience of supporting others with employability and skills and believes learning is lifelong.

Interests - Gardening and running. Likes cooking, especially baking.

ID Photo Tracy Stimpson.jpg

Tracy Stimpson
Mental Health and Disability Lead
07496 474251

Tracy’s background will help the Team build confident, resilient and connected communities. Her city-wide role responsibilities are mental health and disability, supporting partnership working, raising awareness and mapping community assets to encourage cohesion and collaboration of service providers - enabling easier information retrieval, successful signposting and faster referrals.

Interests - fun/endurance challenges for charity, gym and dance instructing, crafts, genealogy and spending time with family and friends.

Kay Nicholls
East End Community Builder
07496 474292

Kay will be supporting staff using her diverse and vast experience in promoting knowledge and education in employment rights. Working to connect diverse communities within communities and promoting the wonderful work/services within these areas alongside partners. She is passionate about helping people help themselves.

Interests - Socialising, creativity in all forms, all things textile, upcycling and recycling, sharing skills.

Liane Cvetanovic
Devonport Community Builder
07496 474237

Being Plymouth born, Liane is passionate about making the communities that we live in more accessible, vibrant and interactive for the people. By linking all ages, groups and abilities together, she would like to help people and change lives. She runs a local Youth Club in the Keyham area and attends a weekly Craft group. She set up and attends a monthly Book Club which has now been going for 12 years.

Interests: Family, friends, art (painting, drawing, attending galleries), reading, watching films, talking...

Emmie Kwann for Bio and ID.jpg

Emmeline Kwaan

Young Person’s Community Builder

07947 375273

Emmeline has a background in working with young people from birth to adulthood. Mostly through conversations that begin around the craft table! Being from Plymouth, Emmeline is keen to make links with young people across the city and add to the vibrant mix of activities and opportunities already available. Emmeline’s passion is to encourage everyone to find and acknowledge their strengths, work on being the best they can be, enjoying the discovery and never fearing making mistakes.

Interests - spending time wit her grown up children, sea swimming, paddle boarding and in the winter watching silly movies.

Emily Richards
Estover and Efford Community Builder
07496 474225

Emily’s goal and aims are to support the local communities of Efford and Estover to improve health and wellbeing, build up resilience, help organisations to deliver groups and activities that interest the community and get the most benefit out of the resources and help available. She will be engaging with partnerships and organisations to create a positive impact.

Interests - nature, reading, Netflix, amateur photography and spending time with my family.

Mike Hookway1.jpg

Mike Hookway
Barne Barton Community Builder
07958 913093

Mike has been involved in community work for the last 15 years. He has worked with a diverse range of communities, including to help organising community events.  Most recently he has worked in Plymouth, connecting residents to what is going on in their local community and across the city, aiding people to improve their health and wellbeing, education, training and employment opportunities. Mike is passionate about working at a ground level upwards, engaging with local communities and partner organisations to create a positive impact. He has experience in Health and Social Care over the years.

Interests - Walking on the moors and coastal footpaths.

Isatta Kallon
Ethnically Diverse Communities Lead
Stonehouse Community
07496 474378

Isatta has spent more than 20 years working in the field of social care in the community.  She has worked with people worldwide including marginalised individuals and those experiencing loneliness and isolation.  Isatta is a Co-founder of the Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support (DCRS). She has worked with the British Red Cross, Youth Offending Services, and Devonport Regeneration Company, just to name a few.

Interests - meeting new people especially over a cuppa, listening to world music and long walks in nature while listening to the birds.

Danni Watmore ID Photo[1].jpg

Danni Watmore
Family Hubs Community Builder
07946 474281

Danielle has been working closely with families and young people across Plymouth through the arts and culture sector. Her background includes work in children’s theatre, project management and community-based theatre/art. Danielle has worked with community members across a wide range of age groups from baby groups, youth steering groups, and care homes. Danielle enjoys being immersed in local culture and communities meeting a diverse range of people with unique stories to tell. Interests include being creative, walking by the sea, singing, dancing, and running.

Helen Moore.jpg

Helen Moore
Community Builder Stonehouse
07930 881907

Helen has been connecting communities through stone, soil, and seeds, passionate about combating social isolation and nurturing mental wellness through urban gardening workshops. Helen is excited to be able to support and champion the strengths of the Stonehouse community and to reach out to even more people who want to make positive changes in their community in this role.

Colin Davey I D Photo[91].jpg

Colin Davey
LGBTQ+ Community Builder
07985 412641

Colin has a background in education and teaching, working with a diverse set of learners from across Plymouth and beyond for over ten years. Having been raised in Plymouth and also with a background in mental health, Colin is very aware of the importance of a strong LGBT+ community that fosters and empowers diversity, acceptance, visibility and ownership. Creating spaces where people can be authentic is a key driver in Colin's work, understanding that we all thrive when given the opportunity to embrace who we are, fostering a sense of pride and belonging.

I d photo Melanie Ford[31].jpg

Melanie Ford
Older Person’s Community Builder
07985 412645

Melanie moved with her small family to Plymouth in 2019 and alongside studying became involved in various community initiatives, which she enjoyed immensely. Melanie is looking forward to meeting the older community of Plymouth, as they have been so welcoming, and helping to connect links between people and organisations. Melanie’s passion is having honest and open conversations with people about what they feel they would like or need to be able to thrive and then helping them to make supported steps for it to happen. Interests - going to the beach, spending time with family and friends, travelling, cooking and music.

I D photo Martin Jared-Davis[64].jpg

Martin Jared-Davis
Men’s Community Builder
07496 474214

Martin comes from a background working in health care and promoting inclusion and wellbeing for staff through staff networks. He has experience in organising events (Plymouth Pride), liaising with community groups, representing, and supporting workers’ rights and a knowledge of the environment (particularly insects). He is looking forward to building a stronger more connected community for men, so that all men know where they can go, know what is available for them and are more able to talk about the issues affecting them.  

Interests - games, reading, cinema, baking, and meeting with friends.

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