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Serious Conversation

Social Prescribing

Social prescribing helps you explore and access activities and services that are available locally to support you to

improve your health and wellbeing.

FGCT is proud to be able to access the Wolseley Trust Social Prescribing service. This service works with people within our community who would like support to access activities and services in the community to improve their health and wellbeing. 

If a person would like some support to improve their wellbeing, a referral can be made to Healthy Futures by their surgery.

The person referred will be invited to meet with a Link Worker.  They will listen them, help to identify what matters to them and what type of support they would like. A Link Worker works alongside them to create a plan to help them reach goals and improve wellbeing. They will also support them to access local organisations and activities.

View Wolseley Trust's, Health Futures Leaflet here.

Contact Wolseley Trust - Social Prescribing Team


Phone: 01752 203673


Social Prescribing: About Us
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