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Introduction to Community Builders

A new team has been set up to work in communities in Plymouth. The Community Builders team is funded by NHS Devon in partnership with Plymouth City Council. They are employed by Four Greens Community Trust, and managed in partnership with Plymouth City Council.


Working with the Wellbeing Hub network, the Voluntary and Community Sector and other partners to promote local co-operative ways of working to develop what local communities and people want to achieve.


Community Builders embed themselves in communities. They will listen to people and use existing strengths, organisations, and passions as a starting point for greater connection, activity, and collective support. This approach is known as Asset Based Community Development.

The Role of Community Builders

Community Builders will start by finding out what people within a community care enough about so they can work together to change, develop and/or sustain. They will map what is going on in communities. People will be able to find out what is going on in their community to help them connect and improve their wellbeing.


They will work with residents and members of the community around issues that affect them. They will be able to support finding local solutions, together with friends, neighbours and other members of the community.

What does success look like?

Working at a neighbourhood and grassroots level to build confident, more resilient, thriving and connected communities.


This work will connect to the community of practice model being developed across the City to ensure that community development opportunities are maximised and relate to the needs of the local community.

Our Main Office

Community Builders Office,

Manadon Sports Hub,

121 St Peters Road,




(01752) 963447

Please note: Due to the Community Builders working in the community, they may not always available in the office.

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