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FGCT was established as a Community Interest Company in 2014 in partnership with Plymouth City Council. Serving 30,000 residents in the north of the city, the area is characterised by high deprivation, poor health care and low levels of local employment.

See below for an up to date list of key milestones.

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Key Milestones

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January 2013

Cabinet report took the decision to establish a new Community Economic Development Trust (CEDT) in the north of the City and ring fence 11 assets to it as a means of supporting job creation and employment, whilst building community capacity in the north of the city.

October 2014

Cabinet report approves the transfer of the former Whitleigh Care Home to the Four Greens Community Trust by way of a lease for a period of 35 years.

May 2015

Appointment of a Business Development Manager

March 2016

Cabinet report approves the grant of a lease of the Ernesettle Land to FGCT for a period of 35 years.

March 2016

Delivery of the Ernesettle Solar site by Plymouth Energy Community.

July 2018

FGCT appoint their own staff – Caretaker, Cleaner, Facilities Manager and Strategic Development consultant.

October 2018

FGCT Whitleigh building launched as a designated Wellbeing Hub.

March 2019

FGCT breaks even for first time and PCC transfer all financial management systems over to FGCT, allowing FGCT to invoice tenants direct and set up their financial management systems.

Summer 2019

Regeneration and investment in Ernesettle land and buildings assets creating employment and volunteering opportunities in addition to generating additional income for the FGCT.

March 2020

FGCT submit new three year strategy for creating a robust local economy that improves prosperity and wellbeing of the community.

March 2020

Signing of Lease and Service Level Agreement by appropriate officers with an Executive Decision sign off by the Cabinet Member.

Development of the Four Greens Wellbeing Hub

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