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About FGCT

Our Vision

To eradicate poverty, social isolation, and health inequalities within our community. 

Our Mission Statement

In partnership with our community to develop a diverse range of quality services and opportunities that will promote economic regeneration and reduce social inequality.

Our Values

  • Everyone is Unique

  • Transparency of Action

  • Creativity

  • Compassion and Understanding

  • Honesty and Integrity

Our Strapline

  • Helping people, changing lives 

Our Strategic Aims

  • Tackle social isolation

  • Improve physical and mental wellbeing

  • Create employment and volunteering opportunities

  • Support people living in poverty 

  • Enable community development 

This will be achieved by:

  • Working with local and national partners 

  • Listening and responding to the needs of our community

  • Creating sustainable opportunities 

  • Measuring impact and adapting provision if required.

In so doing, we will meet the needs of our whole community with extra emphasis placed on activities and services for:

  • Young people

  • People with disabilities

  • The elderly 

  • Minority groups 

To enable our vision and mission to be achieved we need to:

  • Develop a sustainable long term financial model

  • Promote effective governance

  • Create robust safeguarding protocols

  • Effectively market and communicate our work 

  • Develop high skilled and motivated staff and volunteers

  • Create effective partnerships

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