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Supporting Bramble's Pet Food Bank

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

We are proud to support Brambles Pet Food Bank as donation and distribution point at our hub in Whitleigh. Many of the people we are supporting with food parcels have pets that also need feeding.

Bramble's Pet Food Bank is the brainchild of one our key Volunteers Jo Butler who quickly identified the need for such a service in Plymouth. If people are struggling to feed themselves or their family then their pets are also going hungry.

Jo is keen to help people feed their pets to prevent the need of rehoming which can be very distressing for the family and the pet.

Working in Partnership with Jo enables us to include pet food with the food parcels we are delivering where we know the family have a pet.

You can support the Pet Food Bank by making a donation online or simply drop any canned or dry pet food off at the Hub in Whitleigh.

Visit the Bramble's Pet Food Bank Plymouth Facebook Page for more information


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