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Livewell Foundation Grant Success

We are delighted to have been granted funding totally £8,200 from the Livewell Foundation. This funding will enable us to partner with Argyle Community Trust to deliver a Physical Activity Mental Health Programme.

The programme will facilitate bespoke physical activity programmes that target with mental health who behaviours and lifestyle choices do not include exercise of physical activity. The programme also links to the Mayflower 400: Get Active programme.

The project will start in March 2021 and will run for at least six-months, however, our desire is to attract additional funding to make this a sustainable part of our work.

Activities will be community based and will range from walking to group activities. A key feature of this programme will be the free offer to sign up to the Couch to 5K initiative.

Alice, from Argyle Community Trust said:

I am looking forward to seeing the positive impact this will have on many people and in particular those participants with a disability.

Our thanks to Livewell Foundation who have made this programme possible.


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